Global design is a group of professionals from different areas of Design. We have over 15 years of experience in graphic design, web design, programming, Internet marketing. Global Design is a web design agency located in Belgrade.

The Web is no longer just a Web site. It is a set of channels through which your message arrives to users (social networks, mobile applications, creative interactive campaigns, flash applications, etc.). Digital media today offer countless opportunities and creativity to everyone with a good product or service. Real success is in people and in their creative energy.

Our basic focus from the beginning is to provide our clients with a comprehensive, high-quality and professional service in order to build long-term cooperation.

Quality, agreed deadlines, favorable price and uninterrupted cooperation during the preparation of the agreed project represent a guarantee of success.

We pride ourselves on the numerous websites that have been created. Behind us is more than 150 websites that we have solved graphically and ideally. We offer our customers quality and professionalism.