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Website development is one of the cheapest marketing tools you can use to get big results.

We offer you the complete creation of a professional and commercially profitable website, from the very idea to its realization.

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Website development includes the creation of graphic design for the future appearance of the web presentation. Which includes the selection of colors according to the logo design, the selection of colors for the best display of the text itself, its readability and the display of the website content itself.

Creation of a unique graphic solution for displaying the site, its modules, menus, navigation, columns, forms and tables.
Programming and development of the necessary plugins, scripts and components for the proper and flawless functioning of the website without the need for additional interventions. Except in the case when it is planned to upgrade or improve the function of the site itself.

Developing a completely independent system (CMS system) for managing the complete content on the site. Creation of a special part of the site administration, where everyone can get unique access if necessary, after which he is given the option to change any content on the site. This option is enabled anywhere on the site and at any time, only to users who have previously received permission to do so.

Creation of the structure of the website for very easy navigation, navigation and movement throughout the site.

Our website development process includes the following:

  • Web design of pages as well as navigation on them (creating User friendly/Search engine friendly navigation menus – this means menus that are very transparent for users as well as for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, which has a great impact on optimization – SEO)

  • Arrangement of content on them in terms of alignment and highlighting of the most important parts

  • Setting up certain website functionalities at your request

  • Selection of professional photos in accordance with the chosen theme of the site

  • Email/information forms that will allow visitors to the presentation to ask questions or give impressions

  • Leasing a domain on your behalf

  • Placing the web presentation on the servers

  • Submitting your web presentation to Google, Yahoo, Bing

    As soon as the design and web programming are completed, we start testing the application on a trial test environment, in order to eliminate all errors. After that, the website is ready for delivery to the client.

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Custom web development

The websites we develop are highly functional, robust, secure and scalable. We have many years of experience in developing custom websites, web applications, web portals, e-stores, etc. We have the perfect team for quality cms development.

Website development services

Companies today embrace rapid web development to drive growth and expertise. They recognize the need to improve their productivity and efficiency and provide better customer service – all of which are possible in the site development process.

Enterprise website development can help businesses improve productivity and sales performance. But in order to use the technology effectively, a sound philosophy of site development and a technology partner with experience and knowledge to implement the best solutions and processes are needed.

We provide our clients with web site development services from start to finish and we understand that every business is unique. We adapt the application development process depending on the type, size and nature of each job, as well as the specific requirements of the project.

Our dedicated research and development team stays abreast of developments in the field to provide our clients with robust, intuitive and efficient site development solutions – solutions that give companies a competitive advantage.

Creation of websites

Our approach covers all steps, making the process clear and simple.

  1. Website Graphic Design:
    Creating an attractive graphic design, including choosing colors according to the logo and optimal readability of the text.
    Development of a unique graphic solution for all site elements, ensuring visual cohesion.
  2. Programming and Development:
    Programming and implementation of the necessary plugins for flawless operation of the site.
  3. Development of a CMS system for simple content management, with a special section for administrator access.
  4. Website structure:
    Creation of user- and search-friendly navigation menus for optimization (SEO).
    Setting up a system for easy navigation, navigation and visibility of content.
  5. Site Creation Process:
    Web page design and navigation adapted to users and search engines.
    Setting up functionality at the client’s request.
    Selection of professional photos, email/information forms, domain rental, hosting on servers and login to search engines.
  6. Custom Web Development:
    Development of functional, secure and scalable websites.
    Experienced CMS and custom solutions development team.
    Web Application
  7. Development Services:
    Rapid development of web applications to improve productivity and customer service.
    A dedicated research and development team provides solutions tailored to every business.
  8. Website Features:
    Various options, including text editor, automatic galleries, Google Maps, YouTube integration, SEO preparation, CMS adapted for multiple languages, and many other functionalities.

Our team of qualified developers with extensive experience guarantees high-quality, secure and scalable applications, giving your business competitive advantages.

Some of the website features we do:

  • Text editor for editing texts
  • Automatic creation of image galleries
  • Using Google Maps
  • Integration of YouTube video material
  • Entering, editing and deleting texts
  • Entering, editing and deleting news
  • Unlimited news
  • Contact forms
  • Subscribe to the newsletter
  • Polls
  • Preparing for SEO
  • CMS adapted for multiple languages
  • File manager
  • User management
  • Management of banners on pages
  • Responsive design
  • and much more …..

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